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Summer 2024

Please check our homepage ( and scroll down to u-pick peaches to see what varieties we are currently picking, pricing, and hours.

U-Pick Peaches: What's Happening


All of our peaches are freestone, or cling-free.


The Gala peach is a medium freestone peach with a melting texture. It has good flavor and colors nicely to a deep red over a yellow background.


Blazing Star is a large peach with 90% bright red color and a slightly flat shape. Sweeter flavor than Starfire. Picks dry without tearing, has clear yellow flesh, and a small pit.


Starfire is a large peach, which is 80% bright red color with a round shape and very firm flesh. Clear yellow flesh with a small pit.


The Allstar has a 90% bright red skin color with clear, non-browning yellow flesh. The peach is large and firm. Very good sweet/acid peach flavor. It will keep for several weeks in the cooler.


The Loring is a very attractive, large yellow peach with a hint of red blush. It has very firm, melting yellow flesh with excellent flavor. It is freestone and ripens in mid-season. It has good reputation as one of the better eating peaches.


Blushing star is an incredible high-quality white flesh peach that is medium to large in size. The flesh and skin is firm enough to pick, pack, and ship, just like the other stellar yellow flesh peaches. Color is 80% deep pinkish-red with a white background color. It has a unique wonderful distinctive full flavor of an extra sweet but slightly acidic white flesh peach plus a penetrating, pleasing aroma. Flesh is white tinged with pink and does not brown.


The Contender peach is medium to large-size. The skin is red blushed with a yellow background, and the bright yellow flesh is firm, sweet and juicy.


The Bounty peach is a fine canning and freezing peach, with excellent flavor and texture. Its natural sweetness and juiciness bring back such fond memories of the way peaches used to taste. Bounties are very large yellow-fleshed peaches, which are easy to peel and pit.


Glenglo is a beautiful eating peach that is freestone. Please keep in mind that if you’re canning, later varieties tend to be more cling-free than earlier varieties, but these are fantastic for eating and baking!

U-Pick Peaches: List
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