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Fall 2023

U-Pick Apples: What's Happening


Please keep in mind that we cannot provide exact picking dates as we go by nature's clock, not our own. We strive to provide and grow the best fruit possible, with you picking your fruit at its optimal ripeness.


estimated mid-august

Yellow apple. Mild in flavor and great for salads.
parentage: golden delicious, albermarle pippin, and unknown


Red apple, tart. Great for apple sauce.
parentage: paula red, summer mcintosh

estimated mid-august


estimated mid/late-august

Honeycrisp is an exciting apple variety that has apple lovers around the world talking. Many are saying that it is the best fresh-eating apple variety ever.Color is red mottled over a yellow background. Has excellent eating and keeping qualities.
parentage: natural mutation of honeycrisp


estimated early september

The skin of the McIntosh apple is bright red with green areas, and often dotted with white spots. The flesh is white and crisp and has a tart taste.
parentage: possibly fameuse


estimated early september

Small and usually red, vertically striped. Fairly resistant to bruising and are sweet, grainy, with a mild flavor and a thinner skin than most apples. Quality indices include firmness, crispness, and sweetness.
parentage: kidd's orange-red, golden delicious


estimated early september

A medium sized apple with a firm cream colored flesh. It has a greenish yellow to golden brown color. Golden Supreme is a good apple for drying, baking and making cider and keeps very well.
parentage: golden reinette, grimes golden


estimated early september

An early season variety; a yellow-skinned Gala-type apple, ripening approximately 5 days before traditional Gala. Fruit is very good for fresh eating, has a smooth finish and crunchy texture. Keeps 2-3 months in regular storage.
parentage: sport variety of gala


estimated early/mid september

A cross between a fuji and honeycrisp, sommerset is sweet, juicy, and crisp. A wonderful eating apple.
parentage: fuji, honeycrisp


estimated mid september

Honeycrisp is an exciting apple variety that has apple lovers around the world talking. Many are saying that it is the best fresh-eating apple variety ever. Color is red mottled over a yellow background. Has excellent eating and keeping qualities.
parentage: macoun, honeygold


estimated mid september

Good eating and keeping apple. Medium-sized attractive fruit, striped red with high colour in spots. Flesh juicy and crisp. flavor refreshing and subacid.
parentage: esopus spitzenberg


estimated mid/late september

Dark red with heavy, waxy bloom. Creamy white juicy, moderately subacid flesh. High dessert quality also good for cider.
parentage: mcintosh, red delicious


estimated mid/late september

A cross between a fuji and honeycrisp, rosalee is sweet with a tart bite, juicy, and crisp. A wonderful eating apple and great for baking as well.
parentage: fuji, honeycrisp


estimated mid/late september

Fruit is medium in size, and deep red. A sweet apple with a delicious tart ending, extremely crisp and juicy. Fruit stores up to 3 months in optimal conditions.
parentage: red rome, jonathan, golden delicious, malus floribunda, & more


estimated mid/late september

Large fruit striped red over bright yellow. Firm, crackling, juicy, slightly tart, flesh. Superb, rich, full flavor. Finest dessert and eating quality. Good cooking properties. Will store in common refrigerator for 3 months.
parentage: jonathan, golden delicious


estimated early october

Fruit is medium to large size with a crisp, creamy white flesh and a tangy flavor that seems to get better in storage. Keeps very well.
parentage: possibly red delicious & golden delicious; exact parentage unknown


estimated late september

Very white crisp flesh. One of the best salad apples because it doesn’t brown quickly.
parentage: mcintosh, ben davis


early variety estimated late september
late variety estimated early october

Tall, rectangular, medium size fruit. Yellowish green skin with an orangish red flush and darker stripes. Darker blush on sun side. Crisp, juicy slightly subacid white flesh with outstanding texture. Good keeper.
parentage: red delicious, old virginia ralls janet


estimated early october

Large conic golden yellow fruit. Firm, crisp, juicy, flavorful flesh. Mild sweet distinctive flavor. High quality all purpose. Shrivels in storage. Requires gentle picking, bruises easily.
parentage: possibly grimes golden & golden reinette; exact parentage unknown


estimated early october

Red Delicious is a medium-sized apple, with a tall conical shape. Firm with smooth skin and have a rich red color that is sometimes streaked lightly with yellow or with a yellow cheek.
parentage: possibly yellow bellflower; exact parentage unknown


estimated early october

Eating and keeping apple. Pale green-yellow fruit, flushed bright crimson-red with indistinct striping. Firm, green or pink tinged flesh has a pleasant flavor.
parentage:  jonathan, wagener


estimated early october

"Spies for pies," Grandma always said. Spies are green apples, hard in flesh so they are great for baking, and quite tart in taste.
parentage: possibly wagener; exact parentage uknown


also known as crispin
estimated early october

Also known as Crispin. Good eating apple, first class cider and sauce. Green fruit ripens yellow.
parentage: golden delicious, indo; from mutsu province of Japan


estimated mid october

Fruit is medium to large, red striped with an orange red blush on a yellow background. The flesh is pale, cream colored, crisp and juicy with a pleasant subacid tart flavor. Very hard apple, great for baking. Fruits store for four months.
parentage: delicious variety & sturmer pippin. sibling of lady hamilton


estimated mid october

A cross between a fuji and honeycrisp, evercrisp is a medium to large red apple. It is quite sweet and has a very hard crisp flesh. Excellent for storing, these apples can last 4-6 months in optimal storage conditions.
parentage: fuji, honeycrisp

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